Template Toolkit For easy building of sites we use templates. The main template is both header and footer with a section for navigation.
Navigation is used on a page for page instance or a general navigation. Its up to you as we can change the look for each page if you like
We only control the content section of your page(s).
The content pages are named to the section that uses them.
We hand you all the data needed to do simple loops to output the page in the format you design.
Mod _Perl The main perl handler(program) is a state driven program that calls modules for a given routine.
The module is divided into two sections. logic and database functions.
We use two main references to hashes, $args and $var.
Typically $args are inputs and $vars are outputs used in the templates
JavaScript Because you can go wild with Javascript's, The data is there for you to use
Since were keeping it simple,we only like to use a DOM 1 scripts
CSS Again, you can go hog wild. Again, we provide you with a driven CSS, but we like to keep it simple