Program   Description
Site Index builder   In Production
This is a simple way to create index pages for your site.
It cross references all directories and subdirectories to combine similar subdirectories with same names into a flat file index page, Category/directory names are use with the index page category or heading and using the <title> tag for the description of the link to the page
This is a non-database program. Simple setup
Accounting package   On Hold
We just started an accounting package.
It will have 4 modules to it.
Customer for Invoicing and Payments
Vendor for purchasing Items and products
Banking for Deposits from then Customers Payments section, writing check for Vendor and Employees.
Employee for time sheets and payroll
CMS (content management system)  

On Hold
This program handles multi sites and galleries, letting you set up different sections and the content to be displayed in it.

It automatically sizes (jpeg, gif) images and videos(mov,wmv, mpg) along with a flash plug in. This allows you to have different sizes and types of Images and Videos.

Artist Gallery   In Production
This is a spin off of the CMS with only 2 modules.
Module 1 is the Images module with images in one folder (location), the program allows you to group images into galleries
Module 2 is a exhibition module for the artist to list there Exhibits entries with easy pull down selections.
E - Commerce   On hold.